vocavWe are proud to announce the launch of Vocav – the latest in technology for powering local websites. We have also recently acquired a massive collection of nearly 400 geo domains – exact match city names, states, provinces, and more from all over the global – exclusively using the .IN extension. This collection of domain names represents 25 exact match state domains, more than half of the top 250 cities in the US as well as half of the top 50 cities in both Canada and the UK. Domain names that will be launching soon include Atlanta.in, Charlotte.in and Colorado.in.

By leveraging our large network of sites and the Vocav technology stack, we can produce high quality, unique, and locally relevant content and services, which will the propel the .IN extension forward as one of the premier Geo Domain extensions for countries around the globe. .IN will be soon be synonymous with discovering and connecting to people, places and businesses in your local neighborhood and Vocav will be the technology that makes it possible.

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